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Industrial metal air filtration units.

150KW Boiler Cube

The bespoke 150kw temporary boiler contains one Ideal Evomax2 boiler, the boiler is a high-performance heating solution that has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of [...]
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TCS 250kw boiler trailer

250KW Mobile Plant

The T250 is a highly efficient and versatile mobile temporary boiler room designed for challenging environments. Powered by two Vaillant Eco Tec boilers, this bespoke-built trailer-mounted unit offers exceptional heating [...]
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Industrial diamond-pattern temporary boiler enclosure with TCS brand

300KW Boiler Cube

The C300 cube contains dual 150kW Ideal Evomax 2 boilers, provided by Temporary Climate Solutions Ltd, the C300 cube’s exhibit remarkable versatility in emergency plant failure situations or planned plant [...]
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TCS 500kw boiler trailer

500KW Mobile Plant

The Temporary Climate Solutions Ltd T500 is a powerful and versatile mobile temporary boiler room designed to provide efficient heating solutions in challenging environments.  With a capacity of 500kW, this [...]
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TCS 600KW Temporary Boiler Cube

600KW Boiler Cube

The Temporary Climate Solutions Ltd C600 cube is a bespoke-made unit designed to provide temporary heating and hot water solutions. It features a Remeha Gas Eco Boiler, known for its [...]
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TCS 1MW Temporary Boiler Cube

1MW Boiler Cube

Our temporary boiler is built using a bespoke sectional steel frame, providing exceptional durability and structural integrity. It guarantees the longevity of the unit, even under demanding conditions. The exterior [...]
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