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250KW Mobile Plant

The T250 is a highly efficient and versatile mobile temporary boiler room designed for challenging environments. Powered by two Vaillant Eco Tec boilers, this bespoke-built trailer-mounted unit offers exceptional heating performance. The T250 features a 300kW gasketed plate heat exchanger for the LTHW (Low-Temperature Hot Water) system and a 200kW gasketed plate heat exchanger for the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) system. 

It is specifically designed to reach hard-to-access locations and manoeuvre through rough terrain. Additionally, the T250 incorporates the EASYIO BMS control system for efficient management, remote monitoring, and two-way communication. With a remote engineering facility, the T250 ensures swift response to faults or out-of-parameter readings, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation. 

TCS 250kw boiler trailer

Boiler Specification

Dry WeightApprox. 2 Tonnes
Size (L x W x H) (m)4.1 x 2.1 x 1.9
Power Requirements230v 1ph 16A
Max Heating Pressure6 bar
Max. Flow Temp80ᵒC

Suitable Applications

  • Pumped Open Vented Systems 
  • Sealed Systems 
  • District Heating Systems 
  • Educational Establishments 
  • Hospitals 
  • Care Homes 
  • Commercial Premises 
  • Processing Plant & Factories 
  • Swimming Pools & Leisure Centres 

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