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600KW Boiler Cube

The Temporary Climate Solutions Ltd C600 cube is a bespoke-made unit designed to provide temporary heating and hot water solutions. It features a Remeha Gas Eco Boiler, known for its high efficiency and low NOx emissions, ensuring energy savings and reduced environmental impact. 

The C600 cube is equipped with a Grundfos Magna 1 80-100F Pump, which is responsible for circulating the heating water within the system. The pump offers reliable performance and is known for its energy efficiency. 

To ensure accurate temperature adjustment, the unit incorporates an Esbe VRG 131 Valve & Actuator. This valve and actuator combination allows for precise control of the water flow, helping to maintain the desired temperature levels. 

One of the notable features of the C600 cube is its powerful heating capability despite its compact footprint. It is considered the most powerful temporary boiler for its size available in the market. This makes it suitable for various applications, including district heating, universities, hospitals, and other large-scale installations that require substantial heat output. 

The unit comprises two gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHEX) to facilitate efficient heat transfer. The first heat exchanger is a 600 kW low-temperature hot water (LTHW) heating plate-to-plate exchanger, while the second is a 300 kW gasketed plate heat exchanger dedicated to domestic hot water (DHW) production. 

The heating PHEX is equipped with DN80 3″ camlock connections, allowing for quick and easy installation. Similarly, the DHW plate utilises 2″ DN50 camlock connections, further simplifying the installation process. 

The C600 cube is particularly well-suited for both planned and emergency situations. It can be employed in cases of heating or hot water system failures or replacements, providing a reliable and efficient temporary solution.

TCS 600KW Temporary Boiler Cube

Boiler Specification

Dry WeightApprox. 1.5 Tonnes
Size (L x W x H) (m)1.75 x 3.2 x 2.0
Power Requirements230v 1ph 32A
Max Heating Pressure7 bar
Max. Flow Temp90ᵒC

Suitable Applications

  • Pumped Open Vented Systems 
  • Sealed Systems 
  • District Heating Systems 
  • Educational Establishments 
  • Hospitals 
  • Care Homes 
  • Commercial Premises 
  • Processing Plant & Factories 
  • Swimming Pools & Leisure Centres 

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